quarta-feira, março 07, 2007

IIMUN 2007

Istanbul International Model United Nations will be held in Istanbul between 23-27 July 2007 with the cooperation of University of Istanbul ILSA and Maltepe University.

IIMUN will have the basic properties of MUN conferences: the structure, the rules of procedure and the agenda will resemble the United Nation's original ones. Positions of the secretariat, delegations and chairmen will be held by students.

IIMUN aims to expand the cultural empathy and unite students from different nations, while they attain knowledge about the current international affairs. IIMUN will also be the first annual conference held in two continents.

We kindly invite you to attend IIMUN 2007.

Website: www.iimun.org ~ e-mail: secretariat@iimun.org

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